Co-working, working from home, lean management, project mode, freedom form companies, service industry robotisation, etc. The corporate world is being transformed by the rapid and widespread emergence of new workplace strategy.

At the heart of this revolution, technology is both the cause and the driver, and nowhere is this more evident than in the new workplace: the digital workplace.

These new strategies create new problems. Prominent among these are the fragmentation of tasks, issues relating to concentration, the upsetting of hierarchical relationships, generation gaps and a blurring of the boundaries between work life and private life.

To help clients navigate the complex pathways into this new world, CBRE Design & Project draws on a whole raft of experts: consultants in organisation and in workplace strategy, architects, designers, furniture specialists, space planners and more. All are specialists in the above issues, well qualified to pinpoint the requirements of this new workplace strategy and to ensure their successful implementation.

Workplace Strategy Services


  • Overall strategy and change management

  • Workplace analytics and workplace design
  • Sustainability and wellness in the workplace