For any company, a real estate project is a tremendous catalyst for strategic challenges: how best to meet the new expectations of customers, how to gain an edge over the competition, how to enhance the value of the brand, how to improve staff commitment on a day-to-day basis – plus, of course, how to keep property costs under control.

A full analysis of requirements is vital to the success of the project and to ensuring that it remains on time and on budget. Expectations relating to workplace strategy and innovation must be agreed on. The organisational chart must be analysed to determine work specificities and space planning proximities. The company’s expectations in terms of design must be outlined. The technical requirements and amenities to provide a high-performance workplace must be defined. 

CBRE Design & Project deploys a multi-disciplinary team consisting of 

  • Consultants, who compile the requirements by auditing the organisation, current space planning and analytics, and by conducting targeted interviews
  • Architects, who create the workplace design and furniture requirements, based on standard or bespoke solutions 
  • Engineers, who develop the best technical equipment designed to fulfil client requirements on day one and over time
  • A project manager, who coordinates the requirements file, incorporating the financial objectives and schedule.

    Their 360 approach is designed to make sure that a client’s workplace works for its strategy so that its real estate becomes a strategic advantage.