Our Residential experts support our clients throughout the life cycle of their residential project. Through all the marketing missions in which CBRE has participated since 2008, the residential team has developed a sharp knowledge of the expectations of buyers and a real expertise in the implementation of communication and marketing strategies adapted to each project typology. 
We work on behalf of our clients (national and international real estate developers, investment funds, institutional and Family offices) on both primary and secondary residence projects, on all types of segments present on the market.

For the commercialization of your project we implement all the means to guarantee the success of your project, we can quote them as following: 

  • Our database has more than 41,000 qualified residential prospects including nearly 15,000 upper socio-professional category.
  • Our sales force is structured around senior profiles with proven experience in the residential market and regularly trained in sales techniques. 
  • Our CBRE software for sales management and digital campaigns.
  • A presence on our local and international CBRE platforms 


Our services in residential marketing



Market research 

  • Critical review of the program and units 

Defining the marketing strategy: 

  • Product positioning, targeting, and action plan

Definition of the commercial strategy: 

  • Definition of the phasing and the pricing list
  • Product training and commercial force mobilization


  • Prospecting Management of the commercial force
  • Customer support throughout the sales process until delivery
  • Reporting

Post-Commercialization (DELIVERY) 

  • Final visits of the units 
  • Snagging list and lifting
  • Preparation of the definitive signatures at the notary 
  • Accompaniment of the Customer to the notary for the signature
  • Key’s delivery